Veolia – Bin Collections & External Cleaning

Any complaints or requests relating to the waste collection and recycling services can be logged on the Camden website at or by contacting 020 7974 4444.

External Cleaning of the Estate is the responsibility of Veolia (contracted by Camden).  This is renewed/terminated depending on how they perform so if you are not satisfied, please let Camden know by reporting it online or call Contact Camden 020 7974 4444.

Domestic Refuse Collection  (Big metal “chamberlain bins” in the bin room beside entrance to every block – these are numbered according to the plan attached – please click here: gridded-map-with-parking-bays-bins-store-nos) – Every Wednesday and Saturday

Weekly Litter Picking day – Every Wednesday

Re-Cycling Bins are emptied – Every Wednesday and Friday

You are encouraged to use a FOOD WASTE CADDY in your kitchen.  You can get a FREE CADDY and FREE CADDY LINERS from

*** In 2015 we discovered that we were spending an average of £1,000 per year to unblock the refuse chutes in all blocks.  The cost to do this was a minimum of £45.00 each time due to people placing unsuitable sized objects down these chutes.  A unanimous decision was taken to have the chutes sealed up for good as they are NOT fit for purpose since they were built years before we started using black bags etc to dispose of our rubbish.  This has made a massive saving to all the residents.