Window Cleaning

You are responsible for cleaning your own windows.

The Communal Windows within each block used to be cleaned twice a year by a Camden Contractor.  This used to be  “F and G Cleaners”.  The last time they were on site at Kilburn Vale was 12th – 19th Feb 2013.  Their contract was not renewed and Camden decided not to appoint a replacement contractor.  Instead, Camden have decided to “have the window cleaning dealt with in-house” – NO windows were been cleaned on the estate between Feb 2013 to Feb 2016.  On 3rd March 2016, Jamie and Courtney (from Camden) were on site for the first day of cleaning of the communal windows (not your personal ones).  This team are responsible for cleaning the windows across the 5 wards within the borough.  The intention is that they visit our estate twice a year; typically February and August of each year.  The TRA have agreed with Camden that the window cleaners will let us know of the dates they are on site so that this can be put on the website.