Electricity Supply

The Electricity supply to the Estate covers the Communal Lighting on the Estate including the Stairwells and landings of each block.  The cost for this is included within the Annual Service Charge for the Leaseholders.  You will be charged for the internal lighting and maintenance of your block and for the externals of the estate.

The communal lights; internal and external, on the estate are regularly checked by our caretaker and he changes bulbs as and when necessary.  If you notice a bulb out, please have a word with the caretaker or call/email the Caretaking Supervisor (contact details on the CONTACTS page of this site).  Unfortunately, the TRA discovered that if a resident calls the Contact Camden No. to report a bulb out, this can automatically go straight to a contractor and incur a minimum cost of £62.50.  The TRA have been speaking with Camden to try and ensure that the Repair Call centre feed this job back to caretakers and not to expensive contractors.  IF the problem is a faulty fitting, rather than a bulb having gone, then this will cost extra but a simple bulb change should be straightforward and within the cost of the caretaker.

Another piece of information to keep in mind is that any light above 3metres high, will always be dealt with by a contractor and not the caretaker, for Health and Safety reasons.  Therefore, this will always constitute a charge.  For example, inside Bishopsdale House, the highest light is at 2.60cm and so only faulty fittings will be charged for, not the changing of a light bulb.  (March 2016)