Sheds & Garages & Parking

There are 41 sheds on the estate and cost £3.00 per week to rent.  They are in the locations listed below.  If you would like to apply to rent a shed please Contact Camden 020 7974 4444.

Nos 1 -5: between Wharfdale House and Farndale House (Grid Ref: 2C/D)

Nos 6-9: between Farndale House and Hermit Place (Grid Ref: 2F)

Nos 10-13: behind Farndale House (Grid Ref: 3E)

Nos 14-17: behind Farndale House (Grid Ref: 3D)

Nos 18-21: behind Ribblesdale House (Grid Ref: 5D)

Nos 22-25: behind Ribblesdale House (Grid Ref: 5E)

Nos 26-31: between Lorton House and Re-Cycling point (Grid Ref: 7F)

Nos 32-35: between Lorton House and Bishopsdale House (Grid Ref: 7B/C)

Nos 36-41: at the side of Bishopsdale, facing West End Lane (Grid Ref: 7B)

There are 6 Garages situated on the Estate, located between Bishopsdale House and Holmesdale House (Grid Ref: 5C).  The cost to rent a Garage is £12.00 per week. (As of 1st April 2016)

There are 22 Car Parking Bays on the Estate in the locations stated below.  The cost to rent a Parking Bay ranges from £2.78 to £5.92 depending on the size of your engine.  You MUST park in your numbered bay.  If you don’t – you will receive a Parking Fine and you will be potentially parking in one of your neighbour’s bays and cause great inconvenience.  Please be considerate.

Bay Nos 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 11A, 12: in front of Farndale House (Grid Ref:2D)

Bay Nos 13, 14, 15: in front of Ribblesdale House (Grid Ref: 5D/E)

Bay Nos 18B, 19, 20, 21, 22: In front of Lorton House (Grid Ref: 6D/E and 7C)

Bay Nos 23, 24, 25, 26: Side of lawn behind Marshwood House (Grid Ref: 6C)