Lorton House Roof & Water Tank

Click on these links for Videos of Roof and Water Tanks (Taken in May 2016):

 Lorton Hse Roof & Water Tank.25May2016.mp4

  • The roof material of Lorton House is Felt.
  • As this is a Flat Roof, a Safety Hand Rail of 1.0m high was installed in 2013.
  • The IRS (Integrated Reception System) digital aerial was installed in 2010.
  • The roof has some small open but dis-used pipes {Possibly AAVs – Automatic Air Vents} roughly four of them, which are no longer in use.  These were in operation when there was a Communal Heating System which was terminated and removed in 2011.
  • There are Rainwater Outlet downpipes (sometimes referred to as stack pipes) which should have a mesh covering.
  • There are Soil Vent pipes above all the Toilet/Bathrooms
  • The Cold Water pipes, feed into the Tank Rooms.  These pipes are mostly insulated (some gaps in the insulation have been pointed out to Camden in May/June 2016).
  • There are 3 x Water Tank Rooms.  One above the stairwell between Flats 7 and 8 and one above the stairwell between Flats 15 and 16 and one above the Flats 23 and 24..
  • The Water Tank rooms had new Fibreglass tanks installed in 2013.
  • The floor of the Tank Rooms were painted in grey and the walls in white paint as Camden Council said this was for “Health & Safety “reasons, stating that contractors require a clean space in which to work.  The RTA/TRA challenged this cost and this is still in dispute (May 2016.)
  • Access onto the roof for Contractors is via the hatch at the top of each stairwell, using the Emergency Ladder kept inside the locked Cabinet on the stairs, which opens out into the tank rooms.
  • Should Scaffolding ever be needed for any roof works where materials cannot be taken through the hatch, the ideal position for the Scaffolding is to be erected if possible at the SIDE of the building, on the grass, closest to Bishopsdale House, therefore NOT blocking balconies or windows.