TV Aerials

Integrated Reception System (Digital TV Aerial)

In May – June 2011 new Digital TV Aerials were installed on the roof of every block on Kilburn Vale Estate and every property had a new digital TV Socket installed within the property.  This was carried out by AVONLINE PLC.  Camden issued the “adjustment/actual” invoice in July 2015 (4 years after the work was carried out), without having issued an “estimated” invoice.  When the TRA/RTA  asked why an estimate was not issued, Camden said that they are not obliged to issue an “estimate” if the “estimate is £0.00”.  This invoice must be paid by leaseholders.  It is important to note that included within this invoice, was the cost of the Asbestos Check for each block. The Reports for this Asbestos Check have been scanned and are on the Completed Works Page of this website, under the Major Works an Repairs tab.