DIY in your property

If you’re going to do any DIY in your home, please consider the points below. Remember that you are not to make any noise that can be heard outside of your flat between the hours of 11pm – 8am.  Weekends are more restricted. Most people don’t mind a bit of noise and understand but please respect your neighbours.

  • Contact your immediate neighbours to let them know what work will be going on/how long for/what the “working hours” will be.  Drop a note through neighbours doors with your Contact No (especially if the flat will be uninhabited during the work) so that your neighbours can call if there is any issue before it gets out of hand.
  • If it will include drilling etc – it’s an idea to let the whole staircase know rather than just those immediately above and below, as this reverberates around the whole building.
  • Ensure that you or your contractors do not wedge the Main door open to ferry items in/out.  This is a breach of Security.
  • Ensure that you or your contractors clean up every day by sweeping the floor of the stairs if they have been carrying stuff in and out.
  • Partly due to people in the past, putting inappropriate building materials down the chutes, which persistently blocked them, they have now been sealed up permanently.  Please make sure you dispose of all items in the appropriate way.  If you are unsure, contact the Caretaker (all Nos and emails on the CONTACTS tab of the Home Page of this website).
  • If the work is likely to go on for a few weeks, do let Michael Raybe (Caretaking Supervisor – details on Contact Page of Our Website) know.  He can then tell Brian our caretaker and so the communication lines are open and you limit any unnecessary misunderstanding or miscommunication.
  • PARKING for your contractors: ONLY Camden contractors have authorisation to park on the estate, any personal contractors/workmen would need to drop off their tools and materials at your block and then park within a Residents’ Bay on the STREET.  In order to park on the street, a Visitors’ Permit must have been paid for in advance.  This can be done online: Click on the link below or copy it into your browser which will give you all the information.
  • Good luck
  • HANDY PERSON SERVICE: Camden inform us that “Origin Housing” provides a service for small repairs or odd jobs around the house.  Their charge is £20.50 per Half Hour, plus materials.  Staff are vetted and DBS checked.  Call 020 7284 5450.  (7th March 2016)