Annual Service Charges

5th Feb 2017 – The secretary has been trying for a few years to engage with Camden to help them to ensure that when Camden have over-charged on the “Adjustment Invoice” (which is issued annually in September) that they contact all the leaseholders to inform them that their invoice is inaccurate and state the amount that their account will be credited with by way of a “write back”.  So far, Feb 2017, this is not possible with the current admin system that Camden operates and uses.  If you feel strongly that Camden should make more of an effort to inform leaseholders as and when charging errors have been made, please email Mary McGowan (Director of Housing Management)   –  Please click on the link below to read the correspondence: Response from GL re Service Charge errors by Camden in Feb 2017


Camden produced a new improved Service Charge Guide in July 2016 which can view on this link:


Prior to Camden producing the document above, the TRA put this information together – Please see the table below regarding Service Charges that Leaseholders are obliged to pay

Click here for: Explanation of Service Charges


  • Make sure you register on the “Key Leaseholder Scheme”.  This means you will be informed every 3 months of the charges which will appear on the next invoice.  Register by emailing or call 020 7974 3559.
  • If you report a repair, keep a note of the Job Number so that you can check it against the breakdown and ensure that you are being charged for what was carried out and nothing extra.  (Also, email the info to the TRA secretary as this information can be added to the Calendar on this website).
  • If you click on the “Major Works & Repairs” tab on the Home Page, you will find a list of all the Job Nos which we have managed to challenge Camden on and get them cancelled.  We know from experience that even though Camden staff confirm a Job No or Repair has been cancelled, they sometimes don’t communicate this to the Billing Department and by the time your Annual Service Charge comes around, people forget what was agreed.  So…please check this list.  If we list an item as “confirmed not to be charged to leaseholders” on this list but it appears on your Service Charge Bill, you can ask to have it taken off.  Camden have made billing mistakes every year since we started checking their work in 2011.  It is important to understand your bill and breakdown otherwise you could be charged for items incorrectly.  (March 2016)
  • Whenever a “Notice Of Intention – Section 3” or “Section 20” arrives – PLEASE don’t ignore it.  Liaise with your TRA and neighbours so that you can submit your comments and queries in time.  Usually a 30 day period is given for this consultation period.