Rose Beds

In March 2015, the DMC (Distict Management Council) awarded funding to Kilburn Vale to re-plant and replenish the three areas behind Marshwood House, Ribblesdale House and Farndale House with many more roses and to plant a Berberis edging to improve these long neglected areas. This work started on 24th April 2015 and was due to take approximately 2 weeks.  Unfortunately, a very small number of children pulled up the newly planted roses so planting was halted.  The Housing Officer sent a letter to all properties informing them of this and warning that should anyone be caught vandalising the newly planted roses, or any of the shrubs, trees, flowers, they will be charged the £21 per hour it costs to have this work carried out.  Planting was resumed on 28th May 2015.  In November of 2015 the Grounds Maintenance Team will replace some of the roses which didn’t “take” the first time round, behind Ribblesdale House.