Walled Garden Area

This Walled Garden area is for all residents to enjoy with the idea of it being a restful area.  Please respect this space and the hard work of the residents who gave up their time for free, to plant all the bulbs and create a peaceful space for all.

In autumn 2014 our Grounds’ Maintenance Team did a wonderful job of clearing the area of all the overgrown shrubs, making sure that this area does NOT become a hiding place for anyone.  The lamp posts were put back into operation in 2014 and on Saturday 17th October 2015 we had a  “Planting Day”.  Enormous thanks to all those volunteers; adults and children, who gave up their time to plant 3,000 bulbs in this area.  You all did a fabulous job!  Dawn Hodgson and Jordan of our Grounds Maintenance team were on hand for expert advice and we are very grateful to them for their time and commitment to this project.    This space is for ALL of us to enjoy.  Unfortunately Dogs are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED in this area.

Historic Information on this area:

Until the late 1990s, this space was a play area for the children, which is why some Maps of the Estate still say this.  Unfortunately, many unsavoury characters were overtaking this space to get drunk and take drugs here, so the gates were locked and this space was closed.

Until autumn 2014, this area remained overgrown and neglected.  From around 2008, the TRA made many attempts to try and get this area turned into a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) for the children.  This would have meant clearing the area of shrubs etc., and erecting high railings with meshing.  Quotes were obtained and all residents of the estate were surveyed.  Leaseholders on the estate would have been charged for this but some “public money” would also have been required.  By accepting “public money” for this project, it would have meant that non-residents would have been allowed to come and use this space, making it “public” in the same way that a Public Park can be used by all.  The response to the survey was an overwhelming “NO”. None of the Council tenants or Leaseholders wanted non-residents to be able to use this space in the same way as a Public Park, other than guests/friends of those who live here.  It was also deemed too expensive as this would have cost each Leaseholder in the region of £8,000 each.  Residents; both Tenants and Leaseholders, regardless of cost, were not keen for this to happen as it could have potentially encouraged problems of the distant past.

In October 2015, the one bench that was within this garden was removed as some youths were congregating here, creating a disturbance during the evenings/nights to residents nearby.  This bench is currently being stored at Kilburn Gate Estate close by and we hope to re-instate it as the garden takes shape and colour and hopefully there will not be any “disturbance” in the future.  The aim of this garden has always been to create a pleasant and peaceful place for all of our residents to enjoy.