Boundary Walls

If repair work is done to any of the Estate boundary walls which belong to Camden, the cost of this will be charged back to Leaseholders via Service Charges (repairs item) as an “estate cost” meaning that each leaseholder will be charged 115th of the total price.  The  Tenants’ portion of this bill, will be taken from the Camden Council Revenue pot which is where all the Rents get paid into.  If a Boundary Wall is “Party Owned”, Camden will recover 50% of the total cost from Leaseholders and Tenants as explained above.  The other 50% must be paid by the other owner(s).

We have asked for Camden for confirmation of ownership on each boundary wall.  So far (in June 2015) Camden have supplied the answers below.

Click here: Table of ownership of KV boundary walls to check “ownership” of boundary walls.  Grid references refer to the gridded map shown here below.