DMC Information

The DMC (District Management Council) have meetings 4 times a year.  You can view all the DMC AGENDAS and MEETING MINUTES by clicking on this link to Camden’s website:

TRAs or Ward Managers (on behalf of the Estate) can apply for funding from the DMC for projects which will benefit the Estate where they live.  Please be aware that the DMC representative(s) cannot ask for money for any project/event without properly consulting and surveying (where necessary) all the residents on the estate.  The DMC rep also needs to get quotes of what the project might cost and if it is agreed, the leaseholders of the estate need to be fully consulted if the work is going to cost any individual property more than £250.

Attempts to request for funds since (re)forming our TRA in 2011:

  • From 2004 – 2012 approx. the secretary got a petition together on behalf of the children then living on the estate, to start the process of requesting for the Walled Garden to be altered enough to create a Ball Playing area.  The cheapest quote was in the region of £160K.  The entire estate of 115 properties was surveyed for their opinion and only 3 people wanted this to go ahead.  Nowhere near a sufficient number to take this forward.  Eight years of work did not result in a positive result for those 3 who wanted a play area.
  • In 2015 the residents were consulted on increasing the amount of roses in the then scarce rose beds adjacent to Ribblesdale, Marshwood and Farndale Houses.  These were welcomed and the total amount awarded to the estate by the DMC (which would be recovered through subsequent Service Charges) was a total of approx. £5K which would equate to approx. £40 per property.