Meetings/Minutes & AGMs

We are happy to announce that Chloe Carr-Lynch was elected to take over the post of Treasurer from David Woolf after the election closed on 31st October 2015.  We would like to thank David for all his contribution to the TRA and wish him and his family well as they have moved away from the estate.

Click here for: Minutes of KV TRA AGM 8 June 2016

Click here for: Minutes for 24th September 2015 mtg

Click here for: 21 May 2015. AGM MINUTES for TRA

Click here for: Minutes of 8th April 2015 Meeting

The following candidates were voted in on 8thJune 2016:

  • Esther Charalambos – Chair – Ensures the Committee functions properly and ensures full participation during meetings.
  • Flaminia Cinque – Secretary – Organises meetings and keeps minutes.  Maintains records and admin.  Communication and correspondence.
  •  Chloe Carr-Lhync –  Treasurer – Financial oversight and reporting.

DMC REP – Deana Adaoui

DMC Rep sub – Esther Charalambos