The roofing material is FELT for ALL blocks.  However Wharfedale House has Asphalt covering over the roofs of the balconies only.  Bishopsdale House has Asphalt covering over the FRONT walkway section which is set lower than the block’s roof, at the front of the building. The Canopy roofs of the Balconies of Bishopsdale House are asphalt but some have Reflective Paint on them.

During March – July 2001 all roofs had work carried out by the Contractor – F. H. Breyer (Ashpalte) Ltd, 396-398 Leytonstone, London E11 EHW.  This work was carried out as part of Major Works across the entire Estate.  The “roofing felt” part of the contract was taken off the final bill after Leaseholders challenged this since it was still under guarantee.  However provision/repair of the roof level insulation was recharged to leaseholders as this was not covered by the guarantee. (This information was provided by Renee de Villiers of Home Ownership Services in November 2001).


Videos of each roof top of every block are available to view if you click on “How Estate is Run”, scroll down to “Infrastructure”, scroll across to “Roof” and then on to the roof you wish to view.  These were taken in Spring 2016

The purpose of these videos is so that residents can “see” what the state of their roof is and where things are positioned.  It was decided that these be available by our TRA since so many previous Roof Work charges had been proved to have been incorrectly charged or simply not done.  “After” photos of any work carried out on the roof should be provided so that residents can compare and be confident that the work has been done properly and charged accurately.