Water Supply

The WATER TANKS on the roofs of all blocks feed the COLD water in the bathroom and toilet.  The HOT water in the bathroom and the water in the Kitchens are supplied by THAMES WATER. {For info and videos of Water Tanks on all roofs click on “How Estate is Run” tab then scroll down to “Infrastructure/Roof/ ..” and across to your block.}

The charge for “water supply” on the Annual Service charge, refers to the “Cold Water System in your bathroom only” as since 2011 all properties have individual boilers supplying their hot water.  Charges for Cold Water System is for Planned – and Preventative Work on the Water Tanks, pipes etc.

The money you pay to Thames Water is for the supply to your Kitchens and the HOT water fed to your bathrooms.  Thames Water wrote to all residents in June 2016 to see if Smart Meters can be installed.  This is not possible in any of the flats and so you are entitled to a capped Thames Water Bill as per this table:Capped Thames Water Charges

**In January 2016, Camden approached the TRA to organise a meeting with residents for a consultation on the proposed Works of replacing the entire Water Pipes underground, beneath the estate.  This was arranged for 8th Feb 2016 but Camden cancelled this meeting at the last minute saying that they did not have the correct figures.  When Camden contact the TRA again to book a meeting, all will be informed. (March 2016)

John Rutter (Consultation and Final Account Officer) confirmed on 20th April 2016 that “The Water Mains project has been cancelled for now.  It will be re-tendered under the New Framework Agreement.  When this happens you will hear from us again.”