Grass Lawns, Hedges & Shrubs

rrent Contractor who maintains our Grounds is Fountains/OCS.  They regularly attend to cut/trim the grass areas, prune the hedges/roses and shrubs as well as tend to the Walled Garden.

May 2015 – The areas behind Marshwood, Ribblesdale and Farndale Houses, were planted with beautiful David Austen Roses.  At the time, some of the children ripped out some of the planting and after a strong letter was issued, informing that charges would be made should anyone be found to vandalise the planting, the planting resumed and subsequently, we now have three stunning Rose Beds.  In November 2015 the Grounds Maintenance team will replenish some of the roses behind Ribblesdale as a few of these plants did not take originally.

August 2015 – Camden agreed to the planting of more Cotoneaster along the outside of the Walled garden area and this is due to be done in the autumn.  More Berberis will be planted along the front of Bishopsdale House to complete that area started the year before.

Tall planters were installed at the front of Holmesdale House (just behind the existing metal railings in front of the tarmac area) in the first week of March 2016.  This was part of the project to improve the look of this part of the estate and create a more aesthetically pleasing border. (March 2016)

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