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Please click on these links below to open SIMPLE COLOUR GUIDES to all you need to know about Re-cycling and other waste on the estate.  Thank you.

Rules and Tips to Recycling

What you can recycle

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There are Re-Cycling Bins situated at the front of Holmesdale House (Grid Plan Ref: 4B) and at the side of Lorton House (Grid Plan Ref: 7F).  These should be emptied by Veolia EVERY WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY.  If they are not emptied or there are any issues, please report online at or call Contact Camden 020 7974 4444.

If you don’t already have a Food Waste Caddy for your kitchen you can request one from Camden – they are FREE and so are the Caddy Liners which you simply order more of, when you run out.  When full, put these in the special Brown Re-Cycling Food Waste Bins.

DO NOT PUT PLASTIC BAGS IN THESE BINS  – you must use the proper biodegradable bags which you can order for FREE from Camden online.  If the bins have been CONTAMINATED they will have this tag on and are not to be used.  PLEASE TAKE CARE – USING THE WRONG BAGS WASTES MONEY FOR SPECIAL CLEANING.  Thank you.

contaminated tag for Recycling bin

October 2015 – Camden are being pushed to “improve re-cycling” in all ways possible.  The TRA were approached with regards installing more Re-cycling bins on Kilburn Vale Estate.  The TRA were very clear that NO RESIDENT had requested this, the ONLY complaints residents have continued to make is when Veolia have failed to carry out the regular Collections.  There have often been periods where Veolia’s standards have slipped and many of you have complained of a build up of rubbish by the bins.  Whenever this has happened, the TRA do talk to the relevant Officers on your behalf to request a better service.  Camden are currently looking at potential new ways to improve re-cycling.  One option was to change the use of some of the existing SHEDS on the estate to bin stores.  The TRA have explained that this is not required or desired by residents.  Changing the use of these SHEDS would incur a cost (that would be charged back to leaseholders) and is not necessary.  This would also mean that there would be fewer SHEDS available to hire for those living here and new tenants who will come in the future.  The TRA have asked Camden that NO CHANGES be carried out on the estate without  consulting the TRA for their views and input.


Re-cycling Meeting on 27th Jan 2016.  Design students from Central St Martin’s were on site from 19th Jan 2016 to observe recycling habits and talk to residents ahead of the meeting.  The students talked to residents and designed items that would try to encourage people to recycle more.  Although the students came up with some interesting designs, to our knowledge, Camden have not adopted any of them yet.