Notice Of Intentions/Proposals & Section 20s

Click on these links below to read all the information about the proposed Qualifying Long Term Agreements that Camden propose to enter into or renew.  Each time, we are given the opportunity to submit our comments.  The comments/questions put to Camden by the TRA, together with the responses we received, are on the “Observations and Responses from Camden” dropdown under QLTAs.

Explanation: Notice of Intention: is when the council informs us they intend to enter into a QLTA.  Notice of Proposal:is when the Council has carried out the tendering process and intends to award the QLTA contracts to the contractors mentioned.

Click here for QLTA of Renewal of Veolia Cleaning Contract Aug 2016: QLTA Veolia August 2016001

FAQs for NOP QLTA Ref 14 134 A to D

NOP QLTA Ref 14 134A general Mechancial Repair & Maintenance Nov2015

NOP QLTA Ref 14 134B general Mechancial Repair & Electrical Nov2015

NOP QLTA Ref 14 134C Lift Servics and Maintenance Nov2015

NOP QLTA Ref 14 134D Ancillary SvcsRepair & Maintenance Nov2015

NOI for QLTA Ref 14.004 & 14.215. March 2015

NOI for QLTA Ref 14.134a b c & d Dec 2014

NOI for QLTA Ref 14.135 Jan 2015