Renting Sheds/Garages and Parking spaces on KV Estate

From 1st April 2016 the rates are as follows:

Shed = £3.00 per week

Garage = £12.00 per week (flat fee – reductions for emissions etc no longer apply)

Numbered Parking Space on Estate depends on the size of your engine or CO2 emissions:

0-1299cc or 0-1250g/km = £2.78 per week

1300-1849cc or 151-185g/km = £3.40 per week

1850-2449cc or 186-224g/km = £4.28 per week

2450+cc or 225+g/km = £5.92 per week

If you’d like a permit to park your car in the Resident Bays in the surrounding streets, you can apply for this online.  You can also apply for Parking Permits for your guests, regardless of whether or not you have a car yourself.

For more detailed information go to

Click here for Camden’s official letter: KVparkingletter.April 2016