Living on K.V Estate – Useful Info

Living on Kilburn Vale  Useful Info:

  • There are 7 Blocks that make up Kilburn Vale Estate.  These are: Holmesdale House (25 flats), Bishopsdale House (12 flats), Lorton House (24 flats), Marshwood House (16 flats), Ribblesdale House (16 flats), Farndale House (16 flats) and Wharfdale House (6 flats) – A total of 115 flats.
  • There are 3 “entrances” to this estate; from Belsize Road (at the side of Ribblesdale) and two “entrances” from West End Lane (on either side of Holmesdale House) all three “entrances” have “KILBURN VALE PRIVATE ESTATE” signs clearly marked to help visitors/deliveries/taxis and ambulances etc.
  • Camden Council, as the Owner/Landlord of this Estate, is responsible for maintaining and repairing the Buildings and Grounds.  Camden Council re-charges these costs to the Council Tenants via their rents and to Leaseholders via their Annual Service Charges and Major Works Invoices.
  • There is a “cut-through” route from West End Lane to Belsize Road which is used by the public.  Although Camden Council has not been able to provide documentation that this is a “Right of Way” it is commonly understood to be so.  The TRA installed extra litter bins on this route which helped with litter on this path and has made a big improvement.  However, Non-Residents may NOT use our Rubbish and Re-Cycling Bins for their domestic use or dumping.  Neither should they exercise their dogs on these grounds.  If you are aware of a non-resident who is mis-using the bins or allowing their dogs to foul the grounds please contact the Caretaking Supervisor or Estate Housing Officer.
  • For most queries you can call the Main “CONTACT CAMDEN TEL No: 020 7974 4444”.  This will take you through a series of options to get you to the appropriate department.


  • There is a small number of parking bays and Garages situated on the Estate for the sole use of residents at a weekly cost.  In order to apply for one of these, call the Contact Camden No. The regular Traffic Wardens are NOT allowed to ticket cars within the estate BUT… Camden does periodically send round specific Council Estate Parking Officers to randomly check that only cars with a permit are parked here. Non permit holders will be ticketed.
  • Residents can apply for Parking Permits for their own vehicle and for visitors by calling Contact Camden No.
  • There is a small number of sheds on the Estate for the sole use of residents at a weekly cost.  In order to apply for one of these, call the Contact Camden NO.


  • Veolia is the Contractor that Camden has employed to carry out the Domestic Rubbish Collections of the large “Chamberlain” Bins within each bin store of every block. Domestic Refuse Collection – Every Wednesday and Saturday. The Re-Cycling bins are situated in front of Holmesdale House and at the side of Lorton House. Re-Cycling Collection – Every Wednesday and Friday. Please report any Non-Collections as soon as possible to: or call Contact Camden 020 7974 4444.
  • Veolia also provides a Once a Week – Litter Picking day – every Wednesday. An operative comes to the Estate and picks up all the litter and empties the 6 smaller green litter bins on the estate.  It is worth noting that our Camden Caretaker is NOT responsible for picking up any litter left “outside”.  If you think the Wednesday litter Picking has not been done properly or areas have been missed – please report as soon as possible to:  Contact Camden as above.
  • The Caretaker is responsible for sweeping and mopping the stairs and corridors inside each block.  These are done on a weekly basis.  You may find that the Caretaker will often do an extra clean of the entrance part to each block on extra days just to keep it looking tidy in the area that gets the most foot-fall.
  • If you have large items to get rid of like mattresses or pieces of furniture – DO NOT DUMP these. Please call the Contact Camden No 020 7974 4444 to arrange pick up


  • The grounds are regularly maintained by the current contractor.  They will visit throughout the year to trim the grass, prune hedges and roses and generally keep tidy.  The Trees are maintained by the Tree Section.
  • In late 2014, the Walled Garden area was cleared of all overgrown shrubs and the aim is to have a Planting Day for residents on the estate in Autumn 2015 (more info nearer the time) to improve this area and make it accessible once again to our residents wanting a peaceful space.

Dos and DON’Ts:

  • Strictly speaking there are NO BALL GAMES allowed anywhere on the estate.  However, there is currently a Pilot Project ongoing where the children are allowed to play football ONLY on the “Authorised grass area” which is behind Holmesdale House and next to the Walled Garden.  This is currently under review.  Anyone wanting further information should contact the Housing Officer – Georgina Georghiou 020 7974 6145.  If you see people playing with balls in the wrong places, please report this to the Housing Officer – Georgina Georghiou 020 7974 6145 or  – All calls and correspondence will be dealt with in confidence.
  • Strictly speaking, No Dogs are permitted to be exercised anywhere on the Grounds.  However, at the moment Camden will tolerate this if you make sure you pick up after your dog and do not let it off the lead.  It must be pointed out that if Residents complain about dog fouling or being let off leads, dog owners will be contacted by Camden. To report people who are NOT picking up after their dog, please call Georgina Georghiou on 020 7974 6145 or email:   If you don’t get a response, please contact the Secretary on
  • No barbecues are permitted anywhere on the grounds or on balconies at any time of year.
  • No bicycles or push-chairs are permitted to be left on communal walkways or stairwells.
  • The communal Block windows used to be cleaned twice per year however since February 2013, Camden has not had a contractor carry this work out.  We shall inform you if and when a new contractor is re-instated.
  • No black bin bags or rubbish is to be left outside your flat at any time.  You must take it down to your large “Chamberlain Bin” at ground level.  Please be considerate of your neighbours.  There have been problems with Foxes and Rats whenever residents don’t take care in this regard.  You are breaking the rules of your Tenancy Agreement/Lease if you block the gangway to your neighbours and/or visitors, with any items.


  • Every flat has an individual boiler for Heating and Hot Water.  All residents are responsible for paying their own heating bills.  Residents are to report repairs to Camden.  Leaseholders are responsible for their own maintenance and repair of their boilers.
  • Every Block has a digital aerial on the roof.  No Satellite dishes are provided by Camden.  If you would like to install a Satellite dish, you MUST get Camden’s written permission otherwise you are contravening the rules of your Tenancy Agreement/Lease.
  • Each block has a Water Tank(s) installed on the roof which supplies the Cold water in the Bathroom and the Toilet System.  The Kitchen water and the Hot water in the bathroom is provided by the Mains water at ground level (Thames Water).  Since none of the 115 properties on Kilburn Vale are suitable for a Water Meter – you may qualify for a capped water bill from Thames Water, depending on how many bedrooms you have and how many people live in the property.  Contact Thames Water for more details.


  • To report a repair, please call Contact Camden No. 020 7974 4444.  Please make a note of the JOB No. you are given which relates directly to this repair.  This Job No, will appear on the Service Charge Breakdown that is issued to Leaseholders with their Annual Service Charge.
  • If a repair is specific to a BLOCK then the cost of this repair is charged back ONLY to that block and is divided equally between the number of flats within the block.
  • If a repair is to the Estate, then the cost of this repair is charged back to every property.  Mostly, the cost is divided equally throughout the estate so that everyone pays a 115th of the total cost of that repair.
  • If any ONE JOB or Maintenance Programme would end up costing an individual flat more than £250 – then Camden is obliged to follow a specific Consultation procedure.  More details will be provided regarding a particular Major Works or Maintenance Programme and will be listed on the “Major Works and Repairs” page.  You can see past Notice of Intentions (NOIs) and the Observations made by Residents, together with Camden’s Responses under the “Leaseholders” tab on the Home Page.
  • Council Tenants will not be expected to pay the same amount “upfront” that the Leaseholders are charged.  The Council Tenants’ portion is taken out of the “Camden’s Rents’ Revenue Pot” which is made up of all the Rents collected from across the Borough.  Eg: If a  ‘Major Works’  job costs £10,000 to one block of 10 flats where there are 3 leaseholders and 7 tenants.  The 3 leaseholders would be charged £1,000 each and the £7,000 covering the Tenants’ portion, would be taken out of the “Camden Rents’ Revenue Pot” so that the whole amount is paid for.

Tenants’ and Residents’ Association and Meetings:

  • On Kilburn Vale we have both a Tenants’ & Residents’ Association AND a Leaseholders’ Association.  In Camden’s respect, these are both TAs (Tenants’ Associations) as for Camden – both Council Tenants and Leaseholders are Camden’s Tenants.  Camden distinguish between them like this: TRA = All Council Tenants and only Leaseholders who live on the Estate.  RTA = All Leaseholders, regardless of whether they live on the Estate or are Non-resident and are renting out their property. The most important thing for us is that regardless of whether you are a member of the TRA or Leaseholders’ Association (RTA)– or both, we work for ALL the residents.  We pride ourselves in working together and our aim is to keep our Estate a safe and happy place to live, caring for our blocks and grounds and making sure that all residents are given clear information regarding works, repairs and charges.
  • All are welcome to join the TRA and RTA mailing lists.  This is a good way of finding out about things that may affect you and the estate.   Leaseholders have been able to challenge many of the Charges Camden has set and in many cases, got these reduced due to mistakes made on Camden’s part.  This does not cost anything but is very useful to all.  Please email the secretary to be added to the Mailing List.
  • All the meetings are held in Sycamore Hall – Sycamore Court, 27a West End Lane, London.  The entrance to this Hall is directly opposite the front of Holmesdale House.  Notices usually go up in the Notice boards within each block.  We cannot stress enough how important it is to be part of this.
  • The Housing Officer (Georgina Georghiou) should be the first port of call for any queries regarding Anti-Social Behaviour.  Her Line Manager is Veronica Asahene (Ward Manager).  If you have difficulty getting hold of anyone at Camden, report this to the TRA Secretary who will try to get the right person for you.
  • The Safer Neighbourhood Team periodically and randomly paroles the Estate.  Their number is: 020 8721 2017.  For NON emergencies please call 101.
  • Please do NOT suffer in silence.  There are many people that can help.  Your calls will be treated as confidential but we want everyone to feel safe and happy in their homes and living on this Estate.  Please report anything that you feel is dangerous or illegal or threatening. CONTACT CAMDEN – 020 7974 4444 or