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RTA secretary has stood down: Flaminia, who had been our secretary since 2011 stood down in August as she moved out of the area.  She would like to thank everyone for all their support throughout the years and wishes all of us on the estate, the very best for the future.  Should anyone wish to take over this post, please contact Esther Charalambos (Chair) on 020 7328 8118 or Graham Cole (Treasurer)  – thank you.  (20th Sept 2017)

Mistake in “repair report”: Those of you who receive “Repair Team Alert” emails will have received one regarding  “Job No: 2184336/1 – Roof leak to be fixed affecting Flat 7 Bishopsdale” – This is incorrect.  It was NOT a roof leak.  This was a leak from the toilet system which has been fixed, checked by the Caretaker and will not be charged back to leaseholders of Bishopsdale House. (2nd Aug 2017)

Dumped rubbish on our estate by neighbouring properties: A strong letter was sent to all the residents of Mutrix Road to remind them that they must not use or dump rubbish in the bins on Kilburn Vale Estate as these bins are solely for the use of the Estate Residents.  If anyone witnesses this behaviour, please inform Camden Council as the offenders can be prosecuted.  (25th July 2017)

Caretaker on Leave: Our Caretaker will be on leave from 24th – 28th July and 7th – 18th August.  Please be aware that there will be cover by Caretakers from other estates during this period and so some non-essential tasks may not get covered.  (posted on 21st July 2017)

TRA Committee: The new committee for the next 12 months has been officially registered by Camden and is as follows: Chair: Esther Charalambos – Vice Chair: Graham Cole – Secretary: Ester Krausova – Treasurer: Chloe Carr-Lynch. (12th July 2017)

TRA AGM 2017 Committee Nominations – All are invited to vote for the Committee posts at the AGM meeting on 28th June 2017, 6.30pm at Sycamore Hall.  The nominations are: Chair: Esther Charalambos, Vice Chair: Graham Cole, Treasurer: Chloe Carr-Lynch, Secretary: Ester Krausova.  Please make sure that you attend this meeting but if you cannot attend, please email the current secretary (Flaminia) to cast your vote.  Thank you. (posted 23rd June 2017)

Road re-surfacing of Kilburn Vale Estate: A letter was sent out on 9th June 2017 informing that Volkerhighways contractor will be re-surfacing all the Roads within our estate between 27th June – 30th June 2017 between the hours of 8:00am – 6:00pm.  It will be necessary to close the roads to all traffic and residential parking.   Alternative parking will be arranged for those who rent a garage on the estate or rent a parking bay.  Please ensure you have spoken with Camden about this in advance: 020 7974 4444.  (17th June 2017)

Important Info regarding Sheds & Garages on estate: Camden Council is carrying out an audit of all its assets which includes Sheds and Garages.  They have attached Notices to the Doors of all sheds and garages which they believe to be empty and could be rented out by someone new.  If they shed/garage you rent has one of these notices on, please get in touch: by emailing or call 020 7974 4444 immediately.  Otherwise, a contractor will open this shed/garage to change the lock so that it may be rented out officially.  A letter was sent out on 13th June 2017.  (17th June 2017)

Neighbour at Priory Road requires access from our Estate: A neighbour from Priory Road intends to re-point the brickwork to his wall and prune the trees from his garden, which overhang onto our estate.  Residents who park close to this wall may want to move their cars.  He contacted the secretary on Sunday 28th May who in turn gave him the information of whom to contact at Camden for access and also to inform the Parking and Lettings dept who will inform the relevant residents who rent the parking bays that may be affected.  If you are one of these residents, please call Kevin Murray (Estates Services Manager) on 020 7974 6143 who has been appraised of this intention.  (28th May 2017)

TRA AGM date announced: Wednesday 28th June 2017 – 6.30pm (time to be confirmed) SYCAMORE HALL (on West End Lane directly opposite Holmesdale House).  This is the annual general meeting where ALL committee posts are elected.  All Residents are welcome to stand for any of the posts.  If you have any queries please either email the current secretary or phone the current Chair, Esther on 020 7328 8118 and they will be happy to help.

Caretaker cover: Our regular caretaker will be on leave week commencing 29th May 2017 – someone will cover his duties from Tuesday 30th May due to the bank holiday on Monday. (26th May 2017)

TRA AGM is due: The AGM (Annual General Meeting) for the TRA (Tenants and Residents Association which comprises of both Council Tenants and Leaseholders) is due towards the end of June.  When a date has been set, we will inform you all via this website and with Notices within each block as always.  Please start thinking about whether you wish to stand for any of the Committee Positions of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Members.  All are welcome to apply.  (8th May 2017)

Local Development: As you will remember, Developers had applied to knock down the garages adjacent to Sycamore Court, opposite Kilburn Vale Estate, on West End Lane.  They had hoped to build a 5 storey block of flats but after consultation with local residents this was denied and the result is that 3 town houses will be built there instead.  To look at the planning application click here: View Application The Camden Planning Officer is Mr Fergus Freeney. (8th May 2017)

New Recycling Info: please click here for latest info on Recycling 1 April 2017 New Recyling Info001

Illegal Build Update: The owner of 26 Kilburn Place has yet to reinstate the area of Kilburn Vale Estate land that he illegally appropriated.  This is the property that cut down our estate’s wild flower area to the side of Lorton House and built himself a patio garden area.  Camden will be writing to him again and he will be given 28  days to reinstate the area he illegally appropriated ie; he will have to remove the paving slabs and outside tap and return the area to its’ original state.  (20th March 2017)

Please check the Major Works & Repairs page: We have uploaded the latest “repairs charges” which we challenged Camden with.  Camden has confirmed that some of those charges were mistakes.  By checking this list, you will be able to make sure that you are not paying for Jobs/Repairs which you are not supposed to.  Thank you. (19th March 2017)

Holmesdale House roof leak/flood: There have been more leaks from the roof in this block.  All residents of Holmesdale House who are on our mailing list, have been informed of the background to this apparently on-going issue which never seems to be fixed.  Please share the information with your neighbours within that block so that you can ensure the current repair is done properly and not charged again if it is part of an old issue which has never been resolved properly. Thank you. (19th March 2017).

External works to blocks will NOT be carried out: You will remember that following a neighbouring Estate which was successful in rejecting Camden’s proposal to carry out “cladding” external work to the blocks, Kilburn Vale Estate also gave feedback that they did not want to have this unnecessary work done and Camden confirmed it would not be done.  Click here for another letter confirming this.  (12th march 2017) Confirmation of NO work to be done to externals of blocks

Home Owner News March 2017: Click here for the latest newsletter for Leaseholders from Camden which you all should have received in the post.  (12th March 2017) HomeOwnerNews March 2017

DRONES – Please be aware that drones are not allowed to be flown within Kilburn Vale Estate which is a residential area – not a public Park.  If you or your guests have a drone, please familiarise yourself with the rules and do not fly them anywhere on the estate.  Thank you. (6th March 2017)

Police – Safer Neighbourhood Meeting – The next meeting is on Wednesday 15th March 2017 at 7.00pm at MORTIMER CRESCENT TRA Hall.  You are all welcome to attend.  (posted 5th March 2017)

QLTA for Grounds Maintenance: The following Notice of Intention of entering into a new Qualifying Long Term Agreement regarding the Grounds Maintenance was received 31st January 2017.  If you have any questions mail them by the date on the letter.  Click here for the letter: NOP. Trees 15 150 Feb 2017

Service Charge “Write Backs” queried by secretary: The TRA/RTA Secretary has been in correspondence with Geraldine Littlechild of Camden regarding the issue of incorrect Service Charge “adjustment” invoices sent out in Sept 2016.  Despite the secretary having reminded Camden of charges which Camden themselves had agreed would not be charged, these amounts were not deducted from the invoices.  The secretary corresponded on this issue and informed all those leaseholders she knew would be affected as Camden said that although they would “write back” the amounts which had been wrongly charged, they would not be able to inform the leaseholders individually.  Please go to the Leaseholder tab, scroll down to “Annual Service Charges” to see copies of the latest correspondence on why Camden cannot inform leaseholders when they make a mistake.  (5th Feb 2017)

QLTA for new Tree Contract: Here below is the response from Bruno Filipponi at Camden regarding the RTA query sent in January: For Website QLTA response to Tree query from RTA Feb 2017


  • Cyber Crime: The Safer Neighbourhood Team have supplied this booklet to help you stay safe with regards Cyber and Internet Crime.  Please read this: little-book-cyber-scams  (19th January 2017)
  • QLTA for new Tree Contract:Leaseholders were asked to submit if they had any questions for Camden on the new QLTA.  It is quite straightforward but the only question submitted is as follows:

Can Camden Council confirm that ALL potential tree costs are “itemised” within the charges which are included in the Annual Service Charge Adjustment bill.  The document you have sent out clearly shows that there is a “pricing list” which the contractor works to and so it should be mandatory that they provide a proper “breakdown” which is passed on to the Leaseholders. (7th Jan 2017)

  • Planning Permission EN16/0868: You’ll remember our reporting that Maestro Properties Ltd who own the building which backs onto the section of grass to the left side of Lorton House illegally installed a door and metal set of steps in the summer of 2016.  Camden instructed them to remove the metal structure which they did in November 2016. The owners; Mr Kasriel of Maestro Properties Ltd has expressed interest in retrospectively applying for planning permission for the door and Juliet balcony he has installed – this is in place of what should have been a window – as that is what he received planning permission for.  He had not received permission for a door or balcony.  Our TRA Secretary has been questioning this on behalf of all residents as Mr Kasriel moved down the Nature Reserve area in this spot – which now no longer exists and laid down paving stones.  He has been instructed by Camden to remove all the paving slabs by 23rd December 2016.  Please see here for the answers given to our secretary from the last correspondence on this matter: The Planning Officer dealing with this is Angela Ryan 020 79743236 or – as of 23rd Dec 2016, the TRA were informed that Mr Kasriel has submitted a “retrospective” application for this door and Juliet balcony but so far has completed the incorrect form and paid the incorrect fee.  If you are concerned about this build – please contact Angela and let your TRA Secretary know.  thank you.  (23rdDec 2016)
  • QLTA for new Tree Contract: Leaseholders were sent the QLTA for their comments as Camden proposes to award the new contract to tender the Trees in the borough (which includes the trees on Kilburn Vale) to City Suburban Tree Surgeons Ltd.  QLTA 15.150 Trees 2016 (23rd Dec 2016)
  • 2016 XMAS Newsletter: Xmas Newsletter 2016 
  • DMC meeting: Camden asked our secretary to give an introductory Talk to the TRA reps from other areas in Camden at this meeting about Kilburn Vale’s dedicated website with a view to holding workshops helping them set up their own.  This went down very well and interest is pouring in to Camden. (9th Dec 2016)
  • Safer Neighbourhood Police Meeting: The next SNT meeting is on Wednesday 14th Dec 2016 at 7pm – Sycamore Hall, Sycamore Court (on West End Lane, opposite Holmesdale House). Please attend to hear the latest news on Police and Social matters in this area.   (5th Dec 2016).
  • Caretaking: Many of you have been complaining about lights out in your block lately.  As always, to report lights that are broken/not working, please call the Caretaking Supervisor: Michael Raybe on 020 7974 2069.  Michael will instruct the caretaker to change the bulbs.  If a light is over 3.0 metres high, it must be done by a contractor and will incur a cost.  If it is done by our Caretaker and is lower than 3.0 metres, it is not charged as an extra, as this is covered by Service Charges. Thank you. (25th Nov 2016)
  • Land Encroachment: You’ll remember that a building on Belsize Road which backs onto the grass area to the side of Lorton House, illegally opened up their property by putting in a door which opens onto our Estate in the Spring.  They installed a metal set of steps and paving stones, cutting away our Nature Reserve Wild Flower Area completely!  Camden ordered them to re-instate to original by 31st Oct 2016.  They removed the metal steps but have installed a metal “balcony” grid, keeping the door.  Apparently, they are “retrospectively seeking to vary their planning application”.  Camden has informed our Secretary that Residents should make their comments to Camden.  Our Secretary has asked Camden to give specifics of how we do this.  Please remember that the Private Freeholder (Maestro Properties Ltd) have totally destroyed the Wild Nature area we had here and intended to encroach on our land without making any formal application, hoping that no-one would notice.  We will inform you how to give your comments/ make your objections as soon as we hear from Camden.  (21st Nov 2016)
  • Leaseholders of Bishopsdale get Refund as Service Charge Adjustment bill was wrong: Bishopsdale House leaseholders were all given a “write back” of approximately £292.00 each as Camden had made some mistakes on their bill.  All blocks are responsible for finding a “Representative” for their block to check and challenge any issues that may affect only their block.  (21st Nov 2016)
  • Renewal of RTA recognised status:  The RTA (Recognised Tenants’ Association – the one for Leaseholders) has been re-recognised and is valid until 1st November 2018.  The committee are: Chair: Esther Charalambos, Vice Chair: Dan Zuckerman, Secretary: Flaminia Cinque, Treasurer: Graham Cole.(1st Nov 2016)
  • Emergency Signs on Barrier Gates: You will see that signs have been added to both our Barrier gates by the Priory Tavern pub and the old Bird In Hand Pub.  These gates now have very expensive Gerda Locks attached to them.  These are special locks that mean you can’t leave the gate open.  For those Camden Staff and Contractors who have a key, they can ONLY get their key back, by re-locking the gate.  This avoids the gate being left open.  Please be assured that ALL emergency services across the borough DO HAVE the proper keys.  The signs that have just been added are to ensure motorists don’t park in front of these gates.  (30th October 2016)
  • Numbering System on Our Bin Store Doors: Finally you will see that numbers have been applied to the doors which house the large “Chamberlain” bins (the big metal ones).  This is so that you can give this number if you need to report a Refuse collection that didn’t take place or damage to the door.  The numbering is as per this map (the bin Nos are in red): gridded-map-with-parking-bays-bins-store-nos    (30th October 2016)
  • Police October Update: Click here for the Update the Police have provided us with: camden-police-and-neighbourhood-watch-update-october-2016
  • Beat the SCAMS talk by the Police: The Police are holding a talk/Open Day for you to attend at The Hilda Clark Room, Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ at 2.30pm – 3.30pm on Saturday 26th November 2016.  This is a FREE talk and Police Officers will be available both before and after if you would like to talk to them on an individual basis.  If you want to attend, please email      (30th Oct 2016)
  • Signs on Barrier Gates: Signs have been added to the two Barrier Gates which have Gerda locks on them.  No Parking is allowed in front of these gates.  ALL Emergency Services DO HAVE keys to gain access to the estate.  These are very expensive locks and are part of helping to control non-authorised parking.(28th Oct 2016)
  • Numbering of BIN STORE DOORS: Finally, the numbers are being applied this week and next week to the doors which house the large Chamberlain bins.  These numbers are so that if you have to report any damage to the door or refuse not collected, etc., you can give the Bin Store Door Number and hopefully the right door or area will be addressed!  (28th Oct 2016)
  • Temporary HOUSING OFFICER: Our usual Housing Officer – Georgina Georghiou will not be available until March 2017.  Jenny Dodge will be covering for her.  Jenny’s Tel: 020 7974 6103 and email: – Jenny is the first person you should contact if you have any concerns about Anti-social behaviour, nuisance etc on the estate.  Than you. (28th Oct 2016)
  • NEW Recycling information:  Camden are knocking on doors and encouraging residents to sign up to the new Recycling Rewards Scheme.  You should all have received this booklet and a letter.  If you can help any of your neighbours who might not realise that they are “contaminating” the recycling bins by using ordinary plastic bags for example…..PLEASE share the information and let us help one another so that we recycle as much as possible and reduce the costs of dealing with “contaminated” bins.  Thank you all so much. Click here for a copy of the Booklet: recycling-booklet-02-09-16 (26th October 2016)
  • Veolia QLTA responses from Camden: Leaseholders were written to in August with proposal for the Qualifying Long Term Agreement for Veolia to renew their contract.  The RTA submitted a list of questions/comments to Camden.  Camden responded, some more questions were asked and Camden responded to these.  A copy of the questions/comments and the responses from Camden can be read by clicking on the “Leaseholders” tab, scrolling down to “QLTAs” and across to “Observations and Responses from Camden”.  (12th Oct 2016)
  • Reporting Flytipping/Uncollected Rubbish: If you witness local residents or businesses dumping items at the bins on our estate, or you have a complaint about the refuse collection, please click on this link to report it to Camden: or by contacting 020 7974 4444 (12th Oct 2016)

  • Illegal build onto KV estate land: You’ll remember that Maestro Properties Ltd who have their offices on Belsize Road, illegally opened up a back door onto Kilburn Vale Estate land (pic below), creating a garden area for themselves earlier this year.  Maestro Properties Ltd cut away a large wild flower area and created what you see in the picture. Camden Legal department has corresponded with Maestro Properties Ltd who have agreed to reinstate this land to its’ original state by 31st Oct 2016. This area is at the side of Lorton House 1-8).  Illegal Build side of Lorton.1
  • HMO Licence required by Law for Non-resident Leaseholders who rent out their property: Since December 2015 it is a legal requirement to obtain this licence from Camden Council if it is rented out to 3 or more people who are not related to each other.  Please go to the “Leaseholders” tab on our home page and scroll down to find out more details. (9th October 2016)
  • Committee Nominations for RTA (Recognised Tenants’ Association – leaseholders only): All submissions have been collated and the nominations for the RTA committee.  ONLY leaseholders may vote for this committee.  Nominations are: CHAIR – Esther Charalambos, VICE CHAIR – Dan Zuckermann, SECRETARY – Flaminia Cinque, TREASURER – Graham Cole.  Leaseholders can vote by turning up to the AGM on Tuesday 18th October at Sycamore Hall (on West End Lane, opposite the front of Holmesdale House) at 7.30pm or by emailing their votes to the current secretary at  (9th October 2016)
  • Apology from Camden: In July Camden Parking & Sheds department removed a damaged door to one of the Sheds, replacing it with a new one and new lock.  Unfortunately, Camden did not inform the resident who was renting this shed.  When the resident called Camden to find out what had happened, they were wrongly told that the TRA had ordered this.  This is not true.  The TRA or RTA would never order something like this without a specific request from residents and communicating all the way.  Andy Foster of Parking and Sheds Department apologised on 30th Sept 2016 to the TRA by email for his department having given inaccurate information which they knew to be wrong.  He also sent an apology to the resident who was affected. (9th October 2016)
  • Bikes & Buggies in communal areas like stairwells/front walkways: Please be reminded that you are not allowed to leave these items in the communal areas.  Camden have delivered a letter to everyone today warning that items will be removed. Click here for the Camden letter:  bikesbuggies-letter-sept-2016001  Camden are allowed to break bike locks and take the items away.  You are allowed to keep these items on your personal balcony at the back of your flat or you may hire a shed to do so.  Shed hire is £3.00 per week – go to this link: (4th Oct 2016)
  • Veolia QLTA being renewed: As you all know, we were written to by Camden for our consultation on Veolia getting their contract renewed.  All those on our mailing list have been sent the questions we posed with Camden’s answers.  We have asked some further questions and these have also been sent to our mailing list.  Once these get answered, we shall upload all of this information on the QLTA page of this website.  If you are not on our mailing list please email the secretary on to be added on. (29th Sept 2016)
  • HMO Licence: For leaseholders who rent out their property to 3 or more people who are not related to one another, you must apply to Camden for an HMO Licence.  Either call Contact Camden 020 7974 4444 or copy and paste this link for more information.    (28th Sept 2016)
  • Amendment to charges on most recent Adjustment Service Charge Invoice: Camden has confirmed that Wharfedale and Farndale House leaseholders will have their charge for the upgrade of Fob Door Entry system capped at £21.16 per leaseholder (instead of £110.62 as it should have been if Camden had apportioned this charge correctly).  Camden mistakenly put this down as an “estate” charge instead of a “block” charge to the two Houses mentioned above.  This also means that the remaining blocks; Bishopsdale, Lorton, Holmesdale, Ribblesdale and Marshwood leaseholders will all receive a “write back” of £21.16 to their accounts in October 2016 as this was wrongly included in their Adjustment Service Charge Invoice. (28th Sept 2016)
  • Numbers for the Bin Store Doors: Numbers will be added to the wooden bin store doors by 30th September 2016.  (23rd Sept 2016)
  • Committee Members Nominations for AGM of the RTA (leaseholders’ association): We need your nominations for the positions of Chair/Vice-Chair/Secretary/Treasurer for the “Recognised Tenants’ Association which is made up of ONLY leaseholders.  (The TRA is the association for both leaseholders and council tenants).  Please submit your nominations for any of the above posts by email to the current secretary: by Friday 7th October 2016.
  • AGM MEETING DATE FOR LEASEHOLDERS: This will be held on Tuesday 18th October 2016 at 7.oopm in Sycamore Hall, 27a West End Lane, (directly opposite Holmesdale House)
  • Planning Applications: Camden have revised their Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) which means that from 1st October 2016 they will no longer write to residents regarding any planning applications made by their neighbours.  You can still find out about planning applications on new improved site notices on lamp posts, by signing up to  planning e-alerts create email alerts for planning applications within 500metres of your property, or for specific wards.  This includes new applications, decisions and appeals and a direct link to the applications details, documents and drawings.  Or, in the planning section of the Camden Account and finally through adverts in the Camden New Journal and Ham & High.  (21st Sept 2016) 
    • Veolia Contract is due to be renewed by Camden: Leaseholders will have received the QLTA (Qualifying Long Term Agreement) this month.  The Secretary has emailed the Observations to Camden on behalf of all the residents.  Should anyone wish to submit further comments/questions to Camden about the Veolia Service/contract, please do so by emailing  – thank you.  (25th August 2016)
  • Update on Boundary wall opposite Farndale: The owner of the wall at the end of his garden from Priory Road has attached several metal posts to the Camden side of his wall in order to erect metal and wooden fencing above the wall to create a barrier between his garden and the estate.  Permission was not given for these metal posts and so Camden are looking in depth into this issue on behalf of the residents who are not happy.  The owner is at liberty to apply these metal posts to his side of his wall.  Due to annual leave, there is a slight delay on this being resolved but be assured that this is being taken extremely seriously by Camden Council as it is not acceptable to “encroach” on Camden land which is part of Kilburn Vale estate.  We will update you as we progress this matter.  (19th Aug 2016)
  • Parking Bay No7: Camden have confirmed today that this illegal parking bay will be removed as it was not authorised.  No one is paying for this space as it should never have been put there.  (17th August 2016)
  • Parking Bay No7: An unauthorised parking bay has appeared on the estate, labelled as “7”.  Although this sounds odd – the Bay Nos which appear on this estate are NOT sequential and certain numbers do not appear anywhere on the estate.  This relatively new Bay No7 is much shorter than the standard Parking Bay size and is positioned opposite Farndale House, next to Bay No8 and close to Wharfedale House thus creating a blockage to large vehicles entering the estate from this driveway.  The Parking and shed department are looking into this as it appears to have been added by mistake.  If you are the person who uses this Parking bay No, or know the person who uses it – please contact  (Tel: 020 7974 8521) immediately and inform the TRA secretary asap as this Parking Bay is going to be removed due to it blocking the entrance.  (10th august 2016)
  • Safer Neighbourhood Meeting – ALL Welcome! 7.00pm on Weds 17th August 2016 at Mortimer Crescent TRA Hall, Greville Road, NW6.  All are welcome to come and discuss any concerns or issues you may have.  (9/8/16)
  • Thames Water Smart Meters in your flat: You will all have received a letter from Thames Water in the past couple of months with regards to having your flat checked to see if a Smart Water Meter can be installed.  Unfortunately, none of the properties on the estate can have these meters installed since we have water tanks on the roofs but Thames Water still continue to carry out the checks!  Since we cannot have the Smart meters installed, there is a cap on what can be charged, please see this table for the current charges:
  •  Capped Thames Water Charges     (8th August 2016)
  • Building noise from Boots, at back of Lorton House: those of you who are being disturbed by any of the building noise/light/early deliveries at the back of Lorton House, in Kilburn Lane, please contact (principal environmental health officer) tel: 020 7974 3000 who is looking into this.  (4th August 2016)
  • Cover for our Caretaking Supervisor: Michael Raybe, our Caretaking supervisor is on leave until 15th August 2016, so if you need to speak to anyone about caretaking duties – please contact –  07931 104 527.  Thank you.  (1st August 2016)
  • Camden’s Service Charge Guide (MUCH CLEARER!): Over the last couple of years, Camden – with the help of some Key Leaseholders – has completely re-vamped the Service Charge guide in order to make it easier to understand and locate information.  A lot of work has gone into this 82 page document and hopefully this will be much easier to refer to for leaseholders when they have queries.  Click this link to view:    (20th July 2016)
  • Shed Door replaced without consulting resident: A resident was sent a new key and informed by letter, that their shed door had been replaced.  Understandably, the resident was most upset that they had not been informed in advance and called the Parking Dept who said that this was a TRA decision.  It is imperative that we explain.  Some shed and garage doors had been very badly damaged due to continuous football play and over a year ago, this was brought to Camden’s attention as part of the wider issue of the football problems.  Camden said that these doors would be replaced.  The TRA have no way of knowing who rents which shed/garage, as this information is covered by data protection.  Camden DID NOT inform the TRA of work that was to be done or of any work dates and it is NOT the responsibility of the TRA to inform residents of this kind of thing.  A complaint has been made to Camden for having carried out this work without consulting the resident who rents the shed and for the Parking Department implying that this was a random request from the TRA.  If you have ANY ISSUES or concerns regarding sheds or garages and are unhappy with the service you receive from this department, please report this to the TRA secretary.  Thank you. (20th July 2016)
  • Boundary Wall work opposite Farndale Hse: The final section of this work was halted on 14th July 2016 as the Priory Road garden owners wanted to erect “chain fencing” extending high above the wall height on the Kilburn Vale Estate side of this new wall.  Residents had not been told of this and although they do not object to the fencing being erected, the fencing should be attached/installed on the private Priory Road gardens’ side of the wall as the wall belongs to them and not to this estate.  Nick Moulton is dealing with this and we will keep you updated as we have more information.  (20th July 2016)
  • Caretaker on leave:  Please note that our Caretaker will be on leave 25th July – 8th Aug 2016 and 15th -29th Aug 2016 so during this period, there may well be a reduced service as Caretakers from other estates will try to cover.  If you have any concerns please call Caretaking Supervisor Michael Raybe – 020 7974 2069. Thank you. (20th July 2016)
  • Report Damages – it may save you money: We wanted to remind you that if your flat or block is damaged by any kind of anti social behaviour, including a cracked window from a football, PLEASE report it to the Police.  You will then get a CAD number.  You will then need to give this CAD No to Camden which will ensure that you DO NOT pay for the repair.  If no-one can give a CAD No which refers to the damage, Camden will charge you for the repair if it is to your flat, or spread the cost between the block or estate.  Always report to make sure you are not charged.  (9th July 2016)
  • ONLY authorised Football area: Please remember that the ONLY place you or your children are allowed to play with a ball is the grass area marked here.  Thank you for respecting this and being considerate to everyone who lives here.  Click here to see illustrated Plan: Football Allowed Area (9th July 2016)
  • Illegal Build on our Estate!: In the last few months the owners of an office block on Belsize Road have illegally opened up their property onto the grass area to the side of Lorton House and installed steps and a “garden” area.  They cut down our “wild flower” area here and did not seek permission for this.  Camden has informed them that they are to re-instate this area as it was by 18th July 2016.  We shall keep you posted on the progress of this.  (9th July 2016)
  • Illegal Build side of Lorton.1
  • Florrie’s Law: Some of you may already be aware of this law but it has been brought to the attention of the TRA/RTA by a neighbouring RTA within Camden.  Maiden Lane Estate in Kentish Town were issued with a bill of £38,000 each for proposed roof works to their blocks last year.  The RTA met with Camden Council and have been granted a cap of £15,000 each in accordance with “Florrie’s Law” – this is still an enormous amount of money but the following link makes an interesting read that may be of interest to our leaseholders in the future:  (7th July 2016)
  • Balcony wall re-instated: Many residents had commented that one ground floor property had knocked some bricks out of their balcony and installed a gate last year.  This is against the conditions of the lease and Camden gave the leaseholder a period of time within which to re-instate the balcony to its original form which the Leaseholder has now done.  Please be reminded that no changes can be made to the fabric of the buildings as it is against your lease.  (7th July 2016)
  • TRA is officially re-registered: Rukhsana Parveen-Cic (Senior Community Engagement Officer) confirmed today that the Kilburn Vale TRA has officially been re-registered.  The next AGM will between June – Dec 2017.  Thank you. (21 June 2016)
  • Mobile Patrol Info: Please see “How Estate is Run/Infrastructure/Mobile Patrol” to view a picture of what the Camden Mobile Patrol car looks like, we’ve just received this today.  (17th June 2016)
  • TRA Annual General Meeting: This was held on 8th June 2016 and the following were voted in: Chair: Esther Charalambos, Secretary: Flaminia Cinque, Treasurer: Chloe Carr-Lynch.  The DMC Rep is Deana Adaoui.  You can see the Minutes of this meeting if you go to “TRA” tab and scroll down to “Minutes/Meetings/AGMs” as always.  Thanks to all those who voted and attended.  Copies of the Constitution and Code of Conduct were emailed to all on our mailing list.  These can also be read if you go to the TRA tab. (14th June 2016)
  • Videos of all Roofs and Water Tanks: The secretary finally managed to get on the roofs of all blocks (with permission from Camden) to film so that all residents can see the current state of the roof of their block.  These were taken on 25th & 26th May 2016.  You can view these films by going to “How Estate is Run” tab/Infrastructure/Roof – and then scroll across to your block. (29th May 2016)
  • Boundary Wall Work: While the contractors are on site, they will be abiding by these RULES -Click here for the Site Rules: Site Rules. Access. During Wall Repair
  • BOUNDARY WALL REPAIR: The wall opposite Farndale House is now finally going to be repaired.  The work is due to start on 31st May 2016 and last between 4 – 6 weeks.  The wall needs to be knocked down and re-built.  The contractors (Bantry Building Services) will have a site office opposite Farndale House (Nos 1-8).  All vehicular access will be through the barrier gate by The Priory Tavern pub and contractors will lock the gate each time the enter or exit.  Vehicular access to get in and out of our estate during this period will NOT be disrupted.  There will ALWAYS be room to drive in and out. A letter should be going out soon with more detail and a contact Tel No in case there are any issues.  We can confirm that none of this work will be charged back to Leaseholders.  Those who rent SHED Nos 1 – 5 and 6 – 9 will not be affected.  Although work will be going on close by, you will still have access to your sheds.  Those who rent Parking Bay Nos: 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 11A and 12 might be asked to temporarily park their vehicle in another bay within the estate for the period of this work.  If this is the case, those affected will be informed by letter.  (17th May 2016)
  • Our AGM (Annual General Meeting) Elections for the TRA and RTA:  The nominations for the TRA and RTA are those who are currently in the posts:
    • Chair: Esther Charalambos
    • Secretary Flaminia Cinque
    • Treasurer Chloe Carr-Lynch
    • IF you are on our mailing list, you will receive an email with all the voting information.  If you are not on our mailing list = PLEASE make sure that you contact either Esther on 020 7328 8118 or mail – the most important thing is PLEASE turn up on 8th June (usual place – Sycamore Hall – time to be confirmed) to cast your votes.  Without your votes, we don’t have a TRA or RTA.  We’ve worked so hard to get this far and achieve the great results – PLEASE don’t leave it to others! VOTE!!  Thank you.
  • Building/Noise Disturbance to Lorton House residents: The disturbance of building noise/light pollution and unsociable delivery times is causing great distress to many Lorton House residents.  Please liaise with your neighbours as you will be stronger together.  In the first instance contact Georgina Georghiou 020 7974 6145 – but you can also copy in or (Principle Environmental health Officer) or call 020 7974 3000 to report this.  Please copy in the TRA/RTA secretary so that she can keep track of progress.  Thank you. (1st May 2016)
  • Water Mains Major Works: Leaseholders will remember that Camden sent out a consultation letter and had hoped to have a meeting about these Works, in February 2016 …BUT…the RTA raised some queries with Camden and they were not able to get figures together in time so the meeting was cancelled.  John Rutter (Consultation and Final Account Officer) confirmed on 20th April 2016 that “The Water Mains project has been cancelled for now.  It will be re-tendered under the New Framework Agreement.  When this happens you will hear from us again.”
  • Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood Team Public Meeting: 7pm on Wednesday 27th April 2016 at Sycamore Hall, Sycamore Court – ALL are welcome.  Please feel free to come along and raise any concerns you have. (posted 20th April 2016)
  • AGM (Annual General Meeting) for both TRA and RTA will be in early June 2016 – please submit your name if you want to be elected for any of the posts; Chair/Secretary/Treasurer/Committee Members by FRIDAY 13th May 2016 to the current Secretary    We will list the nominees after 13th May in time for you to choose whom you wish to vote for in June.
  • Attention All DOG OWNERS – It has become LAW that all dog owners must have their dogs micro-chipped.  If the council discover a dog has not been micro-chipped, the owner can have up to 21 days to pay a fine of £500.  Dog charities such as The Dogs’ Trust and some vets will carry this out free of charge.  This new law will not replace the current requirement that all dogs must have a COLLAR and TAG showing the owner’s name and postcode when in a public place.  Please make sure you are up to date with what is required for your dog.  (6th April 2016)
  • Parking on the estate – You MUST have a permit to park on the estate in a bay and park in the correct space.  PLEASE DO NOT PARK in anyone else’s bay.  This causes great problems.  Camden will issue parking fines to any vehicle that is either parked in the wrong bay or has not permit and is parked on the estate.  If you have guests, you must either purchase Visitor Permits for them to park in bays ON THE STREET or they must park on a meter.  No Parking is allowed for guests ON the estate.
  • Redevelopment of Belsize Road: Please click here for the Board which shows all the designs and intentions of the Developer: BOARD 254-256 Belsize Road
  • Deliveries – noise disturbance to Lorton House: Many residents are being disturbed by deliveries which seem over an extended period since the Works started at the back of the Kilburn High Road shops.  If you are concerned, please email (Principle Environmental health Officer) or call 020 7974 3000 to report this.  (9th March 2016)
  • Handyperson: n the February edition of “Home Owner News”, Camden inform us that “Origin Housing” provides a service for small repairs or odd jobs around the house.  Their charge is £20.50 per Half Hour, plus materials.  Staff are vetted and DBS checked.  Call 020 7284 5450.  (7th March 2016)
  • Gas Servicing: In the February edition of “Home Owner News” Camden inform us that “Wates Living Space” provides Gas Safety Certificates for £62.50 or a Gas Safety Certificate and Full Boiler Service for £91.00 For more information please call 0800 652 0904.  (7th March 2016)
  • Dog Fouling!! Click here for poster/letter which will be delivered to all next week: Dog Fouling Notice  – Recently our Grounds Maintenance staff came across over 100 pieces of dog poo which owners had not picked up! (4th March 2016)
  • 4 x BINS appeared on our estate from the Highway! – It appears that the contractors working on the redevelopment on Belsize Road, opposite the Priory Tavern have moved the 4 x street bins that were positioned there, onto our estate.  This has caused a lot of you to complain and the TRA have met with Camden to arrange for these bins to be taken OFF our estate and put back onto the highway in a suitable position.  This should be done asap.  (4th March 2016)
  • Window Cleaning: This afternoon “Jamie and Courtney” from Camden in a shiny white Camden van with “Estate Services” on it came to our estate to clean the Communal windows.  Some of you will remember that Camden cancelled the contract with F&G (the last window cleaners) in Feb 2013 and so they have not been cleaned since then.  Camden said at the time, that they would bring this service “in house”.  Jamie and Courtney said they may not be able to get round the whole estate in the time they’ve been given on this occasion.  Watch this space as we will keep you posted as to how often this service will be carried out. (3rd March 2016)
  • Scaffolding has come down: from Bishospdale House today. (3rd March 2016)
  • Public Exhibition of Proposals to 254-256 Belsize Road: You will also receive a letter in the next few days from Quatro.  They are inviting us to a Public Meeting at the Priory Tavern on Weds 9th March from 4pm – 8pm to offer their comments on the proposals before planning application is submitted.  They already have permission to turn this building into residential accommodation and these works are already underway.  We have been in touch with Quatro and they will hopefully supply us with a link to any information they might be useful.  (2nd March 2016)
  • Planters in front of Holmesdale House: You may have noticed that today Lush Landscapes have started installing the heavy wooden, high planters at the front of Holmesdale House which will be filled with shrubs and hopefully this should be completed by the end of the week.  This was the next step in our aiming to create a nice view and surroundings for all blocks on the estate and will help to improve the look of this aspect of the Estate which had been neglected for some time.  Do offer a cup of tea or coffee to our contractors if you can.  It’s cold out there 🙂 Thank you.  (2nd March 2016)
  • Good Recycling Information: Camden have put together a clear and simple guide to Recycling which we urge you all to take a look at. Please take a look at the two links below (they’re very useful).  Info also on Recycling page of this site.(1st March 2016) and Guide to recycling in Camden (Powerpoint)
  • Scaffolding at Bishopsdale: Scaffolding has been erected at the back of the building in order to repair a leak from the Balcony canopy into the property.  (23rd Feb 2016)
  • GOODBYE to Veronica Asahene and Welcome to Deana Taziny.  We would like to thank Veronica for all her work and commitment to us while residing over the post of Ward Manager covering this estate until Camden appointed Deana in this post permanently.  We welcome Deana to our estate.  (12th Feb 2016)
  • EXHIBITION – all welcome 🙂  – The Design students who are assisting Camden with a project to improve the way we dispose of our rubbish and how we re-cycle, have come up with some great new ideas.  These will be on show in Sycamore Hall (opposite Holmesdale House, on West End Lane) on WEDNESDAY 17th FEB – 6.30 – 8.30pm .  DROP IN FOR SOME LIGHT REFRESHMENTS AND SEE THEIR SUGGESTIONS AND DESIGNS. ( Feb 2016)
  • DON’T FEED THE BIRDS!! There have been many complaints about some residents who continue to throw bread/rice and all sorts of food over their balconies.  DON’T DO THIS – it is causing a problem with rats and mice.  You must dispose of your food rubbish in the food caddies, using the special caddy liners.  Ask your caretaker for more information or email the secretary – Please behave responsibly.  (Feb 2016)
  • DOG FOULING – It has been brought to our attention that the Grounds Maintenance team found 100 pieces of dog poo on the estate when trimming the grass in January.  This is NOT acceptable.  This causes a Health & Safety concern for the Grounds Staff and for the residents as the year rolls on into Spring/Summer for those who want to sit/play on the grass.  If you are a dog owner PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG.  If you notice people not doing so, whether they are residents or non residents, please report this to Georgina Georghiou (details on CONTACTS tab of this website. (28th Jan 2016)
  • CHUTES being sealed up this week! All the refuse chutes are finally being sealed closed as residents were fed up of them being continually blocked by people putting inappropriate or oversized objects down them.  (3rd Feb 2016)
  • CANCELLATION OF 8TH FEB 2016 MAINS WATER PIPES MEETING!!! Camden Council do not have all the information they require before meeting with residents to consult on the proposed works.  We will inform you when this is re-arranged. (3rd Feb 2016)
  • Mapping of the Estate: Camden have been carrying out a thorough “mapping” of all estates in the borough to gather detailed information of where things are located on the estate.  Camden staff will be on site in the first week of February to carry this out, taking pictures and measuring. (2nd Feb 2016)
  • Water Disruption at Bishopsdale 3rd February 2016: From 9am-5pm the water supply for bathroom and toilet will be turned off as periodic maintenance to the water tank and a replacement to roof pipe work is carried out.  Your central heating and kitchen mains supply will not be affected. (1st Feb 2016)
  • MAJOR WORKS: Water Mains MEETING ON MONDAY 8th JANUARY 2016 – 6.30pm – 8.30pm: Camden will be holding this meeting with all Leaseholders at Sycamore Hall to discuss the details of the works proposed to the Mains underground water system.  We will mail you as we have information.  If you are a leaseholder who is not on our Mailing List – contact as soon as possible to be added on and make sure you don’t miss out on any important information.  (21st Jan 2016)
  • Boundary Wall (opp Farndale Hse): There has been some confusion!!  For some reason, contractors started to “patch up” the boundary wall opposite Farndale.  This wall will be repaired properly in the Spring (probably May).  When we know of an actual start date, we will let you know and just to remind you, this work will be paid for by the owners of the Private Houses on Priory Road as it belongs to them.  No leaseholder will be charged for this work.
  • Design Students helping with Recycling/Refuse issues: The students from Central St Martin’s will be at the Meeting on 27th January at 7.30pm – Sycamore Hall but in the days leading up to that meeting, they will be on site at Kilburn Vale to observe Re-cycling/Refuse habits and talk to residents.  They all have ID but please assist where you can. (19th Jan 2016)
  • Scaffolding at Bishopsdale House: Scaffolding being erected for an access point to the roof.  There is a LARGE amount of debris on Bishopsdale Roof which contributed to a major leak into Flat 12 on 11th Jan.  The entire roof will be cleared of all debris and rubbish left by contractors in the past prior to hopefully a final and proper repair on the roof which will stop the continual leaks that Flat 12 has experienced over the last few years.  We do not know how long this will be up for but will update you as soon as we have the information.  Please be assured that we are doing all we can to ensure that the work will be carried out asap and that the scaffolding will come down as soon as the job is complete.  (18thJan 2016)
  • Re-Cycling Meeting Weds 27th Jan 6.30pm – 8pm.  All welcome to attend.  This will be at our usual place – Sycamore Hall.  Those who attend will receive £10 ASDA Voucher.  Click here for poster: Recycling Mtg Poster.Jan2016
  • Refuse Chutes in all blocks: Residents continually requested for these to be sealed up as some people are blocking them with inappropriately sized objects and the minimum charge to unblock is £45.  These are finally going to be sealed up.  Please remember that you are to bring ALL of your rubbish down to the Large Bins.  Please consider your neighbours and do not leave any rubbish outside your front door.  Thank you. (12thJan 2016)
  • “Boundary Walls Ownership”: Camden Council have still not been able to confirm ownership of 7 sections of boundary walls surrounding the estate.  Please see how this may affect potential wall repair charges by clicking on “leaseholders” tab and scrolling down to “Charges-Important Information”. (12th Jan 2016)
  • “Right of Way” query: Some of you had asked several months ago what the legal position is regarding the right of way through the estate.  Justin Hunt (Head of Estate Services) gave the following response: “Although Camden own the land that Kilburn Vale Estate is on, the public have a ‘right of way’ meaning that they are allowed to walk through the estate.  However, if any repair work needs to be done to the pathway, such as pot holes etc, Camden are obliged to do this and will charge this back to leaseholders.” 11th Jan 2016
  • POLICE MEETING: The next Safer Neighbourhood Meeting is Tuesday 19th January 2016 at 7.00pm at Mortimer Crescent.  All Welcome.  This is your opportunity to discuss any concerns and hear of how local issues are being tackled. (Jan 2016) Click here for Agenda: Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood Pane1.Jan16
  • For the 2015 Xmas Newsletter and round up of the past year, please click on “TRA” tab and scroll down to find the Newsletter.  (28th Dec 2015)
  • “Let’s Sort It Out” Workshops – Looking for volunteers who will attend workshops on 18th and 26th January 2016 (venue to be confirmed) to discuss how you recycle, with teams from Central St Martin’s Art College in order to improve recycling on the estate.  Gift vouchers and refreshments for those who attend.  Please email secretary on if you are interested and your name will be forwarded to Camden.  (14th Dec 2015)
  • WINTER FAYRE & Planting Project at Kilburn Grange Park – Saturday 12th December 2015.  Dawn Hodgson, who was in charge of our own Planting Day on the estate in October, is organising this Joint Venture at the Kilburn Grange Park and everyone is welcome to attend and participate.  I’m afraid that at the time of writing, I don’t have the start time but it is part of the Winter Fayre which takes place that day.
  • Please click here for meetings on 17th and 19th Nov 2015 regarding HOUSING BILL Camden Notice NOV 2015 Info supplied by Camden.
  • Notices of Proposal for renewal of QLTAs (qualifying long term contracts) – These have been uploaded onto the site.  Go to Leaseholders tab and scroll down to QLTAs/NOI&NOPs to read.  All leaseholders should have received their own copy. Comments should be mailed to secretary by 12th Dec for them to be submitted to Camden in time.(13 Nov 2015)
  • Barrier Gate is now closed – The Barrier gate between Holmesdale House and The Bird In Hand Pub – has had the security lock attached today (12thNov 2015) and is now only able to be opened by Emergency Services/Camden Contractors and Veolia.  All residents who have a garage or parking bay on the estate or who need repairs/deliveries to come to their block, can gain access 24 hours from the driveway “entrance/exit” to the estate situated on the left hand side of Holmesdale House (Ref 1B on the gridded map shown on our Home Page of this website).  This entrance is open 24 hours and simply means that you need to drive round to get to your parking space/garage or to pull up to make a delivery. (12 Nov 2015)
  • “Bird In Hand” Pub – Planning Permission to be Developed: The secretary has been in touch with the Architects who have had a pre-application meeting with Planners with preliminary proposals which they intend to progress to a full planning application. Before any application is made, they are very happy to meet up with the TRA to present their proposal.  It will be announced on this page and those of you on the mailing list will receive an email when we hear from them.  (8th Nov 2015)
  • Generator Noise Disturbance from back of M&S – Many residents are being disturbed by this noise which is on 24/7.  The secretary has been in touch with Environmental Health and staff should be visiting this week to investigate and help resolve the situation.  We’ll keep you posted. (8th Nov 2015)
  • Repair to “Walled Garden” surrounding Wall – This wall is currently being repaired.  “Building Homes” – a sub-contractor of WAITES is carrying out this work.  Approx 14 “cuts have had to be made around this surrounding wall where rods are being inserted and resin to hold this wall together and in some cases bricks replaced.  (Oct/Nov 2015)
  • Georgina Georghiou (our Estate Officer) – Today 20th October ’15 I’ve been informed that Georgina is not currently available to respond to issues or concerns from Residents and voicemails or emails will NOT BE PICKED UP. Therefore, PLEASE CALL 020 7974 4444 and ask to speak to any of the Housing Officers for Hampstead until further notice.  You will then be put through to one of the team who will deal with your query.  Please email the TRA Secretary if you have any problems.
  • PLANNING PERMISSION – GIVE YOUR FEEDBACK BY 30thOct 2015.  Developers want to knock down the existing GARAGES in front of Sycamore Hall (opposite Holmesdale) and build 6  flats there in a block 0f 2-4 Storeys high.  Please paste and copy the following link to give your feedback online by 30th Oct 2015. Applications On-Line&TYPE=PL/PlanningPK.xml&PARAM0=417548&XSLT=/Northgate/PlanningExplorer17/SiteFiles/Skins/Camden/xslt/PL/PLDetails.xslt&FT=Planning Application Details&PUBLIC=Y&XMLSIDE=/Northgate/PlanningExplorer17/SiteFiles/Skins/Camden/Menus/PL.xml&DAURI=PLANNINGIf for some reason the link doesn’t work, the planning application number is 2015/5551/P Garages to the south of 27a West End Lane, and the information is on the Camden website under planning.
  • SURVEY for Value For Money of Service Charges: Leaseholders should have received an email allowing them to take part in a survey to give feedback on the Value for Money of the recent Service Charges.  PLEASE do this.  Click on the link in the email, log in, then click on “housing” and then on any Blue links on the right (like pay/view invoice) and then you should see a “SURVEY” button.  Click on this and leave your feedback after rating each cost.  It is worth doing this if you can as it is another way to inform Camden of your comments.(11/10/15)
  • Bench in Walled Garden – This has been removed (for the moment) as youths were gathering in here at night and disturbing residents in Holmesdale House.  We have the planting project to focus on and hopefully next Spring we can re-introduce this bench.  It is currently being stored at Kilburn Gate Estate in their store room as we don’t have room here. (9/10/15)
  • AT LAST – PLANTING PROJECT IN THE WALLED GARDEN – Sat 17th October 2015 – 10am – 2pm.  ALL WELCOME!!!  Click here for poster:Poster for Planting Day
  • SHEDS/GARAGES: Please click here for: Letter to Residents re Sheds.Sept2015
  • NEW TREASURER REQUIRED – Please make your nominations or submit your name for election for this post to the Secretary at or call Esther (Chair) on 020 7328 8118 by 31st October.  Please contact either of the above if you require further information on this role and responsibilities.
  • NEW CARETAKING SUPERVISOR: Michael Raybie – please see his contact details on the CONTACTS tab via the HOME PAGE. Michael took over the post from 14th Sept 2015.  Kevin Murray informed the TRA that there has been a re-shuffle of Supervisors and so we have lost our much valued Jacquie Scharschmidt to another area.  We will try to get more details on this as we are not clear whether this is a temporary shuffle.  In the meantime, Michael is the person to call.
  • NEXT TRA MEETING WILL BE – 7.30pm on Thursday 24th September 2015.  Sycamore Hall, 27a West End Lane, directly opposite the front of Holmesdale House.  Veronica Asahene  (our acting Ward Manager) will attend from Camden.  She is keen to meet as many residents as possible.  If you have any questions on any issues (good or bad) PLEASE come to this meeting.  EVERYONE who lives on the estate or owns a flat on the estate is welcome. 
  • PLANTNG PROJECT: (posted – 5th Sept) We are aiming to have a Planting Day in the last week of October 2015 (Half Term week) for as many residents as possible to come and help plant 3000 Bulbs in the Walled Garden!!  You will remember that it was decided at a TRA meeting a couple of years ago that we should improve this garden for ALL residents to have a pretty space.  Posters have been put in all blocks to drum up Volunteers – we need all of you, YOUNG and MATURE, with or without experience to come along and have a fun day.  We will provide tea and cakes hopefully so that we can all come together to create a wonderful place for us all.  All children involved will be given a bulb to plant in a pot to take home for free.  PLEASE SIGN UP TO THIS PROJECT AND LET US COME TOGETHER AS A COMMUNITY TO IMPROVE OUR LIVING SPACE.  Please email either the Secretary on or …               
  • NOISE DISTURBANCE in Walled Garden at night – Aug 2015 – lately people are gathering in this area in the evenings and late into the night and causing a lot of disturbance to the residents of Holmesdale, Wharfdale, Farndale and Ribblesdale Houses in particular.  PLEASE REPORT THIS TO HOUSING PATROL:020 7974 1888 AND CALL POLICE ON 101 – EVERY TIME.  Also, it is important to report this to Georgina Georghiou (see details on CONTACTS tab).  If you don’t get a response from her, PLEASE email the TRA secretary on  This walled garden is for residents of this estate ONLY and must be used with respect for ALL our residents.
  • IRS (Integrated Reception System) invoiceTHIS IS PAYABLE.  After much correspondence the TRA established that Camden can recover the costs of this work even though it was done 5 years ago.  Camden sent out a Section 20B Notice 18 months after the work was done and this week, the TRA discovered that Camden need only send out ONE S20B notice in order to ensure that the money is recoverable.  They do not need to continually send out these notices every 18 months as had been the impression.  I am sorry that it took so long to get clear answers from Camden on this.  I am gathering clearer explanations which I will upload onto the website when I have some time.  (26th August 2015)
  • IRS (Integrated Reception System) invoice.  Many leaseholders received a “Reminder Letter” for this payment this week.  The TRA Secretary has emailed Ray Scullion/Rhianne Ford and Geraldine Littlechild of Camden to inform them that the TRA is still awaiting answers and clarification to queries made on 6th Aug ’15.  Camden have been asked to put this invoice “ON HOLD” until the TRA are satisfied with the answers.  Everyone will be emailed all correspondence on this. (15th Aug 2015)
  • Boundary wall (opposite Farndale House) – The estimated start date for the repair work to be carried out is Autumn of 2015.  None of this will be charged to any KV residents – as it belongs to the private houses.  We will keep you updated as we get more information. (7th August ’15)
  • IRS (Integrated Reception System) invoice.  Rhianne Ford of Camden responded to the TRA Secretary saying that this invoice does need to be paid as Camden send letters out “every 18 months” informing leaseholders that they “will be billed”, and in Camden’s opinion, the ’18 month rule’ does not apply.  However, the Secretary has responded saying that the “last correspondence received was in June 2013 prior to this invoice being issued in June 2015 – thus 24 months have passed since the last correspondence – MORE than 18 months.  (mail sent 4th Aug 15.) All leaseholders will be emailed with updates.
  • IRS (Integrated Reception System) invoice: All leaseholders have recently received an “adjustment/actual invoice” for this work which was carried out between May – June 2011.  The secretary has emailed Chastree Kose – Collections Officer at Camden to query this invoice.  The understanding is that under the “18 month rule”, the work must be invoiced within 18 months of it having been carried out.  This invoice has been issued 4 years after the work was done.  No leaseholder received the “estimate” invoice of £0.00 and has only received the “adjustment/actual” invoice.  All correspondence is being copied to or forwarded to all Leaseholder who are on the mailing list.  If you are a leaseholder and not on the TRA and RTA mailing list, please email the secretary –  – so that you can be kept up to date.  (24th July 2015)
  • POLICE MEETING: All welcome to attend to hear updates of latest policing in the area and discuss any concerns.  Weds 29th July 2015 at 7.00pm – Mortimer Crescent TRA Hall, NW6 5NP
  • 7th July 2015 – Neil Morrison of Wates has confirmed that the repair work on Marshwood House roof is now complete.  Please see pictures of this work in “Major Works/Repairs” tab/Completed Works.  Request has been made for the scaffolding to be taken down on 9th July.
  • 2nd July ’15 – Higginsons are due to start aquapoling (lay rubber solution) on roof of Marshwood.  This should only take 1 day and then the scaffolding can be authorised to be removed.
  • 8th June 15 – Scaffolding has gone up at the corner of Marshwood.  Roof work is due and SHOULD be over within two weeks.  If you have any queries about this work or the scaffolding is up too long – please call Contact Camden 020 7974 4444 and ask to speak to REPAIRS and/or call Caretaking Supervisor (Jacquie – 020 7974 1033)
  • 8thJune 15 – BE VIGILANT!! – Recently, a suspicious character has been seen walking behind some of the blocks who may have been trying to gain access to flats via open windows and balconies.  REPORT ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS to Police 101 number and let the Housing Officer (Georgina) and Caretaking Supervisor (Jacquie) know. Numbers and Emails are on the CONTACT page.
  • 8th June 15 – PLEASE remember not to throw ANYTHING over your balconies including food and cigarette butts.
  • The TRA Annual General Meeting was held on 21st May 2015 – Minutes are available to read under the “TRA” tab on the Home Page and click on Minutes.
  • The Grounds Maintenance Team will resume the planting of the roses week commencing 25th May 2015 (Half Term week).
  • The newly planted Roses have been vandalised by a small number of children on the estate who have ripped them up.  The Grounds Maintenance team have temporarily halted planting the rest.  Georgina Georghiou issued a letter which was hand delivered to ALL properties on 15th May 2015, informing them of this.  Anyone seen to commit any vandalism will be charged for the repair.
  • NOMINATIONS FOR TRA POSTS: Chair – Esther Charalambos.  Secretary – Flaminia Cinque.  Treasurer – David Woolf.  (No other names were put forward).  Please cast your vote by attending the meeting on 21st May 2015 at 7.30pm, or emailing the current Secretary on
  • TRA Annual General Meeting: Thursday 21st May 2015 at 7.30pm – Sycamore Hall. See the TRA tab and select “Minutes/Meetings and AGMs” dropdown for more details.
  • FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: Through the Slowing Green Seed Fund we will provide grant funding of up to £3,000 per project to initiatives that have a positive environmental impact and which are local to one of our offices in Camden and Reading. There is a total of £34,226 available in the Fund for 2015.  All applications need to be submitted by midnight on Friday, 8th May 2015.  If you have won or applied before and are operating in these areas, consider re-applying! New applications are obviously welcome too. The deadline is midnight on 8th May 2015. More detail here: You can view the winners from last year on – (information supplied by Engagement Team)      –     Please submit your suggestions to the TRA Secretary as soon as possible.  (26th April 2015)
  • 24th April 2015 – Work begins on Rose beds! – The DMC agreed to fund this project at the 12th March 2015 meeting.  The three areas behind Marshwood, Ribblesdale and Farndale House will have new David Austen Roses planted with a Berberis edging.  This is being done by OCS/Fountains – our Grounds Maintenance team and should be complete within a couple of weeks.
  • 8th April 2015 – Camden Confirmed that the proposed repair work to Boundary wall opposite Farndale House will NOT be charged back to leaseholders as the wall belongs to the Priory Road private houses.  The work is due to start in August and will take approximately 6 weeks.
  • Walled Garden has been cleared and we will be holding a Planting Day in autumn 2015 for all residents to assist with planting bulbs in this garden.  If you are interested in taking part please email the Secretary:
  • NEW TREES – In February 2015, 6 x new trees were planted on the estate in positions where we had lost previous trees to disease and high winds.


Dear Residents

Click Here for LATEST NEWS.  This website has been set up especially for the Residents of Kilburn Vale (sometimes referred to as KV2) by the TRA . It is unique to this Estate. We hope that this will be a site you can visit to get some quick answers and explanations of how this Estate is run, whom to contact at Camden Council for specific queries and what is happening on the Estate with regards to Projects, Repairs and Major Works. The aim of this site is to keep the information simple and easy to understand. For more detailed information go to Camden’s official website: or call Contact Camden 020 7974 4444. Please see the attached gridded plan of our Estate below. This will be referred to in many of the explanations within this site to pinpoint locations and the link below gives you a quick guide to how things work.